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Costa Rica Helicopter Charters - Costa Rica Airplane Charters

Costa Rica Helicopter and Costa Rica Planes for charter flights. Aerotec has been conceived with the idea to offer the fastest and most convenient way to find information or contracting Helicopter Charters in Costa Rica, Airplane Charters, Tours, Helicopter Costa Rica, Costa Rica Aerial Photographs and Filming, Jets for international flights and Air Tours in Costa Rica.

We cover all the Costa Rica territory with a wide range of aircraft, experienced pilots, well trained support and maintenance personnel and high safety standards.

Just visit the appropriate section and you will find the widest range of Helicopters and Planes in Costa Rica.

Aerotec is also part of a Net of Costa Rica jet Charter Operators that work together in order to offer a wide range of alternatives for your Jet Charter in Latin America, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

In our Costa Rica Helicopter Tours section you will find alternatives to spend a day in the best Costa Rica  hotels and resorts around Costa Rica, being transported by helicopter. We also offer flyby helicopter Costa Rica tours to cities, rivers, volcanoes and waterfalls.


Costa Rica Helicopter Charters
Costa Rica Helicopters for aerial photography or film, contact Costa Rica Helicopter Charter Operators to visit ranches and properties for sale, charter a Helicopter in Costa Rica to transport you from the airport to your beach house or hotel, or simply for a helicopter tour.
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Costa Rica Airplane Charters
Costa Rica Airplane Charters with twin and single engine turboprop and piston engine airplanes are available for local Charter Flights. We have access to 4 International Airports, and up to 30 Local Airports and runways. We also offer you the widest variety of airplanes in Costa Rica.
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Costa Rica Jet Charters
Aerotec is part of a Net of Jet Charter Operators that work together in order to offer a wide range of alternatives for your Jet Charter in Latin America, the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Helicopter tours
In this section you will find different alternatives of Air Tours in Costa Rica, Overflying the Coast Line, Volcanoes and to fly you for a one day tour to the best rain forest and beach resorts and hotels in Costa Rica.

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Why Aerotec?

Experienced Pilots and Support Personnel:

All pilots flying the aircraft we offer are highly experienced and have thousands of flight hours and some even work as instructors at local flight schools. Both they and maintenance technicians are certified by the aviation authorities of Costa Rica (Dirección General de Aviación Civil) and always participate in periodic trainings locally and at the aircraft manufacturers facilities.

Strict Maintenance:

All scheduled aircraft maintenance is done by local factory trained personnel and at the aircraft manufacturers and their authorized support facilities. They also work and are trained as well with engine and avionics providers to develop the best maintenance processes.

High Safety Standards:

We work with Ground Handlers, airport authorities, law enforcement officials and local Costa Rica Aviation Authorities (D.G.A.C.) to ensure that the latest security measures and procedures are in place. We comprehensively inspect every aircraft prior to boarding. We secure all aircraft parked overnight to prevent unauthorized access.

All Costa Rica Territory:

We can fly you or support your project anywhere in Costa Rica by using the helicopters we offer. Also by plane we cover all Costa Rica territory, flying to and from 34 public and private runways and airports located around the country. We give support to our aircraft with mechanics, dispatchers and fuel in case we need to operate far from a major airport.

Wide Variety of Aircraft:

  • Cessna 172 3 Pax Single Engine - Piston
  • Cessna 206 4 Pax Single Engine - Piston
  • Piper Seneca II 4 Pax Twin engine - Piston
  • Cessna 208 8/12 Pax Single Engine – Turboprop
  • King Air 6/8 Pax Twin Engine – Turboprop
  • Jets 8-10-12-14-15 Pax Executive Configuration
  • Robinson R66, 4 Pax Turbine
  • Bell 206, 4 Pax Turbine
  • Bell 407, 5 Pax Turbine
  • Eurocopter AS350, 5 Pax Turbine
  • Eurocopter EC130 B4, 6 Pax Turbine
  • MD 902, 7 Pax Twin Turbine